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    The St. Botolph Building,
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About Steve

Steve works with people who have struggled, or are struggling with fat loss, changing their physique or improving their health long term. The world of nutrition and training can be a confusing one not knowing what foods are healthy, or which forms of training will yield the best results. Steve can help you understand your body better and educate you, so you can make great food choices and train safely and effectively.

Once Steve knows how you’re currently eating and how you currently move he can devise a nutritional strategy and training program to help you change your physique, move better and get stronger.

All new clients begin with a nutritional medicine profile assessment and a biomechanical assessment. This will allow Steve to ascertain changes that may need to be made to your current diet and what is currently limiting your progress in the gym. Using techniques such as Kinetic Chain Enhancement Steve will improve your performance in the gym to accelerate your results.


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