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    Blackfriars – Harmsworth House,
    13-15 Bouverie St,
    EC4Y 8DP

    Liverpool St – 1-3 Cobb St,
    E1 7LB (Restricted hours of availability)
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About Kib

As a personal trainer and health coach Kib takes an integrative approach to helping clients achieve their health, fitness, and fat loss goals. By combining four elements of strength & conditioning training, corrective exercise, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle strategies; clients see improvements in fat loss, strength and muscle development, posture and pain free movement, and a greater sense of vitality and wellbeing.

Kib believes in function over form whereby enhancing our health and daily performance, we are more likely to build healthier, fitter, leaner bodies. In other words, getting long term results by working from the inside out. The current state of our health can be directly reflected in how our bodies look, feel, in how we perform on a daily basis, and by health symptoms such as related to gut health, women’s hormonal health, issues with sleep, energy, or memory, frequent illness or headaches etc. Addressing any underlying disturbances in addition to effective training and short and long term dietary changes, Kib’s approach to personal training and health coaching can help to transform your body and your life.


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