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JONNY PUGH (Founder)

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About Jonny

Jonny has been working side by side with Mark as Co founder in the journey towards building the Aspire Fitness brand. Having operated his own business for over 10 years combined with his extensive experience in Marketing and Media Design, Jonny is a creative visionary behind the Aspire team, and an integral member to its efficacy.

Even more so than his skills in PR, Marketing, Media and Brand Development, it is Jonny’s passion for fitness that sets him a cut above the rest, having served in the armed forces and fire service for over 15 years. This passion and drive to better the lives of the individuals he works with and for is evident in every interaction with Jonny, as his attention to detail, and genuine care for his colleagues and clients is second to none.

During the process of working with an Aspire trainer to achieve your health and fitness goals, Jonny is a friendly face who is always available to answer questions, ease concerns, or offer advice, and he is an invaluable component of the exceptional experience that you are guaranteed to receive with the Aspire Fitness team.


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