Pierre achieved these amazing results from our Muscle & Physique program gaining 4.5kg of muscle and dropping 6% body fat in just 12 WEEKS.

I’ve always been a gym enthusiast and always tried to push myself, but since I started training with mark I can’t believe how much I’ve changed my whole outlook on training. Marks approach to training is so intense and scientific, I have learnt so much on the principles of weight training. Mark was so inspirational and kept me motivated on my days I struggled. I’ve continued to train with mark and can’t speak highly enough of the Aspire fitness team


Liz achieved these amazing results on our Fat Loss program dropping over 50kgs and over 30% body fat in just 24 WEEKS.

Claire has been the perfect personal trainer for many reasons.

She has the infectious personality to motivate her clients. She is outgoing, funny, dependable and empathetic. She is always available to answer a quick SMS about food, or if I were having a bad day, she would always respond with encouraging words of reassurance. She is extremely trustworthy, professional and committed to her client’s progress and her genuine excitement every time I hit a weight loss milestone inspired me to keep pushing through, but the best gift she has given me is teaching me how to find my own motivation.

She is extremely knowledgeable. Claire taught me about the breakdown of foods, helped me make healthy choices and provided me with ideas for recipes. Her sessions are full of fun facts nutrition an exercise and because of this constant education I learned more than I ever imagined possible


David achieved these amazing results from our Muscle & Physique program gaining 6.3kg of muscle and dropping 10% body fat in just 12 WEEKS.

I wanted a personal trainer who would push me to limit, like when I as competitive swimmer. Someone who would be be there helping me push past the pain and get the extra set I could never achieve by myself. Someone who would take a holistic approach to my fitness and goals. Mark exceeded all my expectations. I have not only visibly seen the dramatic changes but also I’m sharper mentally. I have never felt more energised. Fitness has become an integral part of my life again thanks to him


Aaron achieved these amazing result on our Fat Loss program dropping over 15% body fat and putting on over 3kg of muscle in just 12 WEEKS.

I was a bit sceptical on what I could actually achieve in this 12 week period, but I have to say the Aspire team certainly lived up to their promise. Tekin pushed me beyond what I thought I was ever capable off and the results speak for themselves. The whole process has educated me and told me what I have to do to get into the shape I always wanted. I can’t recommend the Aspire team enough, very professional and the best in the business.


Christine achieved these amazing results on our Fat Loss program dropping 17kg and over 15% body in just 12 WEEKS.

Thanks to you Claire, for helping me in my journey of weight loss, perfect nutrition (which is second nature now), and absolutely loving what I’m doing, but most importantly you have taught me to love myself.

This is me now, my life, lifestyle of health and good nutrition and I am so looking forward to dead lifting 60 kgs (my body weight) in the next few weeks. At 57 years old I am in the best shape of my life!

My journey was educated, fun and very rewarding. I did not feel deprived, rather I felt empowered because Claire took the time to teach me how to fuel my body with nourishing, satisfying food that I enjoyed, how my muscles work and how to get the most out of my body so that I can live a happy, active lifestyle.


Mubin achieved these amazing results on our Fat Loss program dropping 10% body fat and putting on 2.5kg of muscle in just 12 WEEKS.

I have trained with personal trainers before, but nothing like this. I can’t believe how much my body has changed in such a short time, Tekins training is somewhat brutal, but he has pushed me so hard I can’t thank him enough. This Aspire team mean business.


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