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Personal Training London

Personal Training London: It’s Never too Late for Your New Year’s Resolutions

What are the two most popular New Year’s resolution? Can you take a guess? The first is to lose weight; the second is to be healthier. Does that sound familiar? Do you happen to know how many people actually follow-through on these resolutions? According to one study conducted by Forbes, only a whopping 8% of the people polled actually followed through with their promises to themselves. Finding personal training in London can help you become part of that 8%!

4 ways finding personal training London can help:

1. It’s not a one-size-fits-all: Here at Aspire Fitness, we have six unique and highly skilled professionals that all bring something special to our team. This ensures that you will find the best fit for your needs and preferences, ensuring you bond with your trainer, which gives the best results.

We also offer four unique services for whatever needs you may have; fat loss program, muscle & physique, sports performance, and sports therapy. We know your situation is unique, and we want to treat it differently than other personal training options in London.

2. You’re held accountable: We’re like that best friend that’s full of tough love. We hold you accountable to make sure you actually do what you set out to do. We all know how hard it is to follow through on promises to yourself (remember, 8%?) However, we also know you can do it! When you’re running low on motivation, we promise to not let you fall back on those oh-so-tempting excuses.

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3. We’re not a mirror: Looking in a mirror while exercising is common practice to make sure that your form is correct. However, even with a mirror your form can still sometimes be wrong, which leads to things like; possible injury, lack of effectiveness, a bad habit of preforming the wrong action (which is hard to get out of.) With a real person there to help you tweak your form you can rest assured that your workout will be maximally effective and your energy will not go to waste.

4. No plateau: A plateau is referring to the point where your body adjusts to your exercises and it becomes harder for you to get the results you want after a time (like losing weight!) Professional trainers have a plethora of workouts, and since your trainer will get to know you (almost) as well as they know themselves, they all be able to help you reach your goals faster while avoiding your body’s plateau.

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We understand you have options for your personal training London, book a free consult today by leading personal trainer London, Aspire Fitness, and see what makes Aspire Fitness different from the rest!

Combined with a structured and comprehensive nutrition plan, your energy levels will remain higher than ever while creating a body that takes the exact form you have always wanted, and operates at its best on every level.
Personal Training LondonPersonal Training LondonPersonal Training London


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