Muscle & Physique




At Aspire Fitness we know that an aesthetic result is reliant on the internal functionality of your body. Therefore, our methodology is focused on developing a strong connection between your mind and your body and pays particular attention towards optimal muscle fiber activation to prevent injury in both the short and long term.

Your body is the only possession you have forever, and we place the utmost importance on teaching you how to look after it. This process begins with understanding the mechanics of muscle movement, how to exercise with perfect technique and how to safely push yourself to your limits.


Our muscle building programmes begin with perfecting the fundamental primal movement patterns that our bodies are designed to perform in order to develop a balanced, strong foundation. This allows us to then progress through varying levels of intensity and movement complexity while easily maintaining perfect technique and building each muscle effectively and equally.

Transforming your body and changing it’s composition is our specialty, and strength focused resistance training is an extremely rewarding, challenging and ultimately effective means to build the body of your dreams.

Muscle & Physique


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