Sports Therapy

April 22, 2016
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Whether you are looking to recover from an injury and get back to full fitness or want to make a big change and lead a healthier, fitter lifestyle Sports therapy can help to get you on track to achieving your goals. Sports therapy can play a huge part in helping you achieve this, ensuring you stay in great condition and injury-free whilst also helping to improve your posture, core stability and functional mobility.

Other benefits of Sports Therapy are…

Reduced DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness)

After we exercise are muscles get tired and fatigue, causing us to generally feel stiff and sore the next day. Sports therapy helps to reduce this by increasing the body’s circulation and therefore allowing you to recover much quicker from your workouts.

Stress Reduction

We all lead busy lives which can get stressful from time to time, Sports therapy can play a part in the management of stress and leave you feeling far more relaxed and in a better state of well-being. This change in mood occurs due to the release of Endorphins from the brain – naturally relieving pain and reducing our anxiety levels.

Healthy Regards,
Stuart Pickles.