April 22, 2016
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Like everything in life there are several ways to skin a cat! It’s no different with nutrition.

These days it’s challenging for the public to decide which diet/nutritional culture to adopt. With Paleo, Vegan, vegetarian, flexible dieting among other diets, which one is the most healthiest and easiest to follow ensuring you can reach the goals you want.

When it comes to becoming leaner and stronger all of the above will have some positive affects on body composition even without exercise! We are not doubting that and Aspire are not preachers!

But can you imagine the results you can achieve if you train consistently correctly and watch what you eat!

SO…… If you want a genuine body transformation…….

Eating clean when followed in the correct way, simply get results… Period.
Flexible dieting does work, yes; however telling the public ‘if it fits in your macros, it’s all good’ is quite dangerous if the client wants a transformation (if that is the goal).

Aspire do this in two ways.

Option 1

Tracking your food through calorie counting. Now research is now showing that calorie counting can be not as accurate as once thought due to food labels being incorrect. To be honest you are never going track food to the exact calorie but it’s better than not tracking at all. We’ve seen calorie counting work with the transformations we’ve already completed. It might be hard, strict and even boring but if you really want that transformation, it works.

Option 2

Precision Nutrition (a new company) have shown a way of eating that is very realistic and unique to you. You don’t have to calorie count or measure out food i.e how many grams of protein, fat, or carbohydrates you need each meal. This is solely determined by the size of your hand.

Here is how it breaks down in each meal for your fist size:

Protein- size of your fist
Fat- size of your thumb
Carbohydrates- size of cupped palm

The ethos behind this way of tracking food is that’s it’s unique to that person as everyone’s hands are relative to that individuals body. Truthfully adopting this approach does work and you will see results but like everything it’s followed with consistency.