Body Composition

April 22, 2016
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Firstly Aspire believe in delivering physical results rather than talking, so this blog will be short and to the point!

So Body Composition, you’ve probably seen this word before. What does it actually mean though?

Well, simply put, it’s how you can transform and adapt your body to begin stripping body fat and gain lean body mass (LBM) to get to its optimal leanest state. Sounds simple right? Truth is….. It’s not! But following a structured training ethos and making positive lifestyle choices you can get results.

Here is a simple formula:

Increase LBM = a decrease in body fat.

The formula sounds easy we know! However making our body change in this way takes commitment.

In an industry that’s full of myths and misleading information, we at Aspire try to keep it simple. One of the most simplest and effective forms of exercise to burn fat and gain LBM is to do resistance training. Although the way you train is imperative to getting results. To develop muscle in a training perspective, you must overload the muscular system to observe a training affect. Doing this in a safe and effective way is more complicated than you might think.

Smart training for Body Composition

Aspire follow a set of principles that are simple but effective. Underneath they are as follows:

The body is smart. You do a training programme consistently; the human body will adapt to those particular movement patterns and in turn will stop changing unless training prescription is altered. Unfortunately this happens regularly in the industry hence why people don’t always see the results they so long for.

Being particular on what rep range to use is so important. For example just following 8-10 reps in a programme all the time and never changing is going to have a negative affect on your body. The body will adapt better if different phases are introduced, by using the following;

High rep training/ 15-18
Intermediate rep training/ 8-10
Low rep training/ 4-6

This way the body will go through a Conditioning, Hypertrophy and Strength phase. This phase can become more complex I.e functional Hypertrophy. In the conditioning and Hypertrophy phase, you will become more apparent with the word Time Under Tension (TUT). In order for the muscle to change, you have to make the muscle work. For example think of a Flat bench dumbbell press working in a conditioning phase, using a tempo of 3010.

3- 3 seconds lowering of the weight to full range
0- bottom of range (no pause)
1- pushing weight back up
0- top of range (no pause)

The muscle is having to work harder because it’s completed in a controlled method. Muscle fibres are being stretched in the lowering part of the exercise (eccentric loading) there if done consistently over time; muscle fibres will recover and grow.

We all have different muscle types

Type 1- these are known as slow twitch- slow oxidative muscle fibres, which are used more in condition phase as they create energy by using oxygen to generate work. They’re resistance to fatigue is high.
Type 2 A- fast twitch- these are intermediate reps of 10-12, they use long-term anaerobic metabolism to create work but are not as fast twitch as type 2B.
Type 2B- very fast twitch/ designed for heavy lifting due to having a small dose of ATP, which runs out quickly hence why heavy lifting is maximal and small rep range. They are use low resistance to fatigue.

Rest is imperative. Here is a simple guide

Conditioning phase- low rest period (45 secs-1 min)
Hypertrophy phase- intermediate rest period (2mins- 2.30mins)
Strength phrase- high rest period (3-5 mins)

If you do not rest long enough in what ever phase you are in, you may have lactate levels in the muscle that are too high, meaning it will interfere with the next set and therefore not make your body adapt the way it should do.

Super setting is a great way to keep working effectively. So you will observe our workouts with ‘A1 and A2’. For example

A1- Incline DB press
A2- Single arm DB lat row

You complete A1 and then straight away A2 without rest. This keeps your neuromuscular system fired but because they are different muscle groups and one is a push and the other a pull, the body is able to keep working. Once both exercises are completed, you then rest according to whatever rep range you are in.

In short these principle when followed are body changing, period.

Aspire trainers will ensure every session, set and rep is manipulated to make your body change.

Proof is in the pudding! Come and experience it!